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Stardom Introduces “Future of Stardom” Belt for Rookies and Under-20s

Future of Stardom Belt

Stardom has unveiled the “Future of Stardom” belt, a new belt for wrestlers under 20-years old OR those with less than two years as a pro. This will be a great opportunity to increase competition for those in the mid-to-low parts of the card and wrestlers such as AZM, Starlight Kid, Shiki Shibusawa as well as Stardom’s youngsters and the three wrestlers announced to debut soon will all be eligible to compete for it.

AZM, Hanan, Ruaka, Starlight Kid & Shiki Shibusawa will contest a tournament to determine the first winner of the belt with the final to be held at Korakuen Hall on March 28th.

Hopefully this will lead to Stardom getting rid of a few belts as their seems very little need for the SWA, High-Speed and Trios belts. More focus and competition for the belts that will now cover the entire roster would only be a good thing.

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