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Io Shirai Not Signing With WWE, Stardom Return Permanant – Dave Meltzer

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is out and Dave Meltzer discusses Io Shirai’s situation with WWE and Stardom. It was already known that doctors discovered a neck injury while Shirai was going through the procedure of signing for WWE. It has now been revealed that WWE delayed offering her the contract while she was recovering. A few weeks ago Shirai got the all clear but WWE decided against offering her a contract. Meltzer speculates that this could be because of WWE’s reluctance to sign anyone with a history of concussion or neck issues or that they do not want another Japanese female at this time with Asuka and Kairi Sane (Hojo) already being very popular.

On the 28th July Shirai contacted Rossy and agreed to return full-time to Stardom. She has been fully cleared to wrestle by medical staff so this should quell all the doubts regarding her fitness. Stardom staff were recently upset that fans were accusing them on social media of allowing her to wrestle while injured. This is not the case.

Io Shirai will return to in-ring action in Stardom on August 13th and compete in this year’s 5★ Grand Prix.

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